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Jury duty touches the lives of millions of New Yorkers each year. More than 600,000 people serve annually and each one has family, friends, employers and co-workers who are affected by their jury service.

After receiving a jury notice, everyone has questions. "Why must I serve?" "How long must I serve?" " Can I get a postponement?" Who pays the jury fee?" "What should I tell my employer?" "What are my obligations as an employer of a juror?" Some simply ask: "Why me?"

This site is designed to answer many of these concerns and give you an introduction into your upcoming jury service. Please browse through the site and feel free to use the e-mail feature to ask questions or tell us what you think about your jury system.



Postpone Your Jury Service.


Important Notices

The New York State Court System does not ask prospective jurors for financial information or for personal information such as names and ages of family members. Do not provide this kind of information to anyone claiming to represent the court. If you receive this type of request, please contact your local Commissioner of Jurors.


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